Waste Paper Recycling Facility

Visy Paper

Staten Island, NY

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Phase I construction of a 185,000 SF new paper recycling facility. Production is approximately 250,000 tons per year.

Special Interests

Facilitated final decision of site selection between Kearny, New Jersey and Staten Island. Closed a critical gap by initiating, developing, and securing a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) – New York City’s first – that reduced costs of total project by 4%.


Paulus Sokolowski and Sartor, Inc., Warren, NJ


Visy Paper (NY), Inc., Staten Island, NY


  • construction of a steel portal frame structure (including crane beams), ground and suspended concrete slabs to house a 1,050 feet long, 110 feet high, and 75 feet wide Voith paper machine
  • development of all site infrastructure and utilities including road works, water, sewer, gas supply, stormwater drainage, fire hydrant and sprinkler protection, electrical supply, communications, and site security accessed by road, rail, and barge
  • mechanical installation including piping and instrumentation, pumps, and related equipment
  • electrical installation including a high voltage 26 megawatt substation and distribution system
  • extensive system of cable tray
  • extensive civil engineering elements including demo- lition, bulk earthworks, piling and foundations
  • extremely sensitive equipment that had to be set using optical lasers and refined beam and support structure to .02 cm tolerance


Construction Management