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Big Apple Circus

Walden, NY

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New training facility on the circus’ 30 acre parcel of land in upstate New York.


Liebman-Hurwitz & Associates, New Paltz, NY


Big Apple Circus, New York, NY


  • renovation of an existing 55,000 SF manufacturing building to hold administrative offices and a large open-plan area, wih is divided into practice areas, storage areas, and areas for staging the circus tour equipment
  • construction of a new pre-engineered metal building addition to serve as stables for the troupe’s animals
  • site work included clearing a large area to accomodate sites for trailers to serve as troupe living quarters including running of all utilities such as water, a sewer with two pump stations, and electrical service
  • a new access road to carry traffic to new living quarters
  • new trees and landscaping to enhance the troupe trailer area
  • protection of both state designated wetlands and a well which serves as a source of water for the Village of Walden that are located on the circus’ site


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