Our Core Values

We cultivate close working relationships with our clients and investors as we build a strong foundation based on mutual trust and respect.

We stand for the highest degree of integrity and excellence, and believe that our company’s core values are the collective values of our people. We are a family of multi-lingual, multi-racial, and multi-talented professionals who possess self-initiative and provide the strength and perspective to guide our firm’s project activities. We have strong work ethic and share a commitment to our culture, to maintaining CNY’s reputation and to our vision for success. BRAVO ©

B – Boldness We promote innovative thinking and entrepreneurial problem solving
R – Results We build our success on ideas that achieve great results
A – Accountability Every employee is accountable to themselves and to each other in maintaining the highest standards of integrity
V – Values Our word is our bond. We say what we mean and mean what we say
O – Openness We believe in fostering collaboration and open communication among all parties involved in a project