CNY is committed to safety first. We promote a safe workplace at our jobsites for our employees and trade contractors at all times.

We strive to ensure that all work is performed in a safe manner to protect the general public, employees, workers, visitors and adjacent properties from injury and damage. We take great pride in our safety record.

Before we begin construction on each project, we identify and analyze potential risks and exposures, and develop strategies to address each in our project-specific safety plan. We commit dedicated and trained safety personnel to implement our safety plans.

To develop our safety plans we work proactively with all stakeholders including clients, designers, trade contractors and the workforce to enlist each of them in achieving our vision of an accident-free worksite.

On every project, we commit dedicated, licensed safety personnel who lead the development of our safety plans and monitor the worksite to confirm compliance. Our safety personnel work closely with our project supervisory staff and report directly to our Director of Risk Management and Corporate Safety. He then reports directly to the President of CNY to ensure compliance and accountability.