Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert

Mann Report Management November 1, 2018

In New York City, the construction industry shapes Manhattan’s iconic skyline. Moreover, it’s paramount for the city’s property managers and real estate elite to have a deep understanding of how an exemplary construction firm operates—and how exceptional buildings are made.

To get a better handle on the city’s intricate construction scene, we sat down with Ken Colao, a recognized leader and entrepreneur in the construction industry with more than 35 years of experience as a principal and founder of several major construction firms. During his career, Colao has completed more than $4.7 billion worth of construction.

As founding principal, president, and CEO of CNY, Ken manages an innovative, forward-thinking company that has led the way for “open shop” construction of large-scale and high-rise developments, complex reconstruction and repurposing of buildings, and build-outs of sustainable and uniquely designed spaces. Based in Manhattan, CNY provides CMAR, design assist, and advisory services with a collaborative, open forum management style. 

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