Board hires firm to stabilize St. Paul’s

Board hires firm to stabilize St. Paul’s

The Garden City News April 12, 2019

After the reorganization portion of the Board of Trustees meeting on Monday night, Manhattan-based CNY Group was approved to be the village’s construction management consultant for planning and stabilization work on the historic St. Paul’s main building. The Board voted unanimously on this item, along with ten other items on its April 8 agenda. The selection and official approval of CNY Group comes two and a half months after a Board held a work session and interviewed three leading New York area construction companies, including CNY.

The trustees’ considered the proposals and qualifications of the firms in January and the approval of CNY this week took place but did not comment on its selection during this week’s meeting.

At the Board’s last meeting on Thursday March 28, funding to hire a construction manager was set up with $250,000 approved by another unanimous vote of the trustees (reported in the News on April 5). At the March 28 meeting Trustee John Delany explained the allocation of funds: “These ($250,000 for a C.M.) go toward the planning and stabilization stage ONLY. Engineers have said that one of the things the village has to do is taking a look at the St. Paul’s structure itself to see whether it could or couldn’t possibly support what we are thinking about planning to do. If it can’t we need to know what the cost is and how we can move forward, and if we would be adding to the cost — maybe we could have a high enough that we can’t move forward at all.”

CNY Group has made news headlines for its recent work on large-scale New York City projects including The Edition, a new luxury hotel in Times Square with an outdoor terrace and restaurant 701West; a 52-unit high-rise, 110 University Place (21 East 12th Street) in Greenwich Village, and 20 Times Square, a 42-story luxury mixed-use project housed in a hotel, retail, and entertainment tower at 47th Street and Seventh Avenue. A historic site is also in the current project portfolio of CNY: federally-landmarked Tammany Hall, or the “wigwam of 17th Street” Manhattan headquarters of the old Tammany Society political organization which launched much of New York City and State’s political history from the 1790s through mid-twentieth century.

The reimagined historic New York building will have a new square footage of 70,348 in six tiered floors within a glass-domed structure. Its first three levels, from basement to second floor would be retail, with open-plate office spaces occupying over 43,000 square feet on higher floors. CNY’s project at the former Manhattan Democratic headquarters is set to be completed in the coming months and rebranded as 44 Union Square.

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