Kenneth Colao “Entrepreneur of the Year” for New York

Kenneth Colao “Entrepreneur of the Year” for New York

Connect Media June 28, 2017

Kenneth Colao won the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award in the Real Estate, Hospitality and Construction category in New York.

“It is so gratifying that our achievements — including surmounting challenges in the aftermath of 9/11–have been recognized,” said Colao, president and co-founder of CNY Group, a leading New York-based construction management firm.

CNY is currently working for some of Manhattan’s most active and well-known developers. Projects include the construction of a Marriott Edition hotel at 20 Times Square, the conversion of the top 30 floors of the historic Woolworth Building into luxury residences, and the transformation of Tammany Hall into high-end office space.

As a New York award winner, Colao now has a chance to win in the ‘Entrepreneur Of The Year’ 2017 national program, awarded November 18, 2017.

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