Mark Skawinski: NYREJ Ones to Watch 2022

Mark Skawinski: NYREJ Ones to Watch 2022

Mark Skawinski, SPACES: a CNY company

May 24, 2022 

Name: Mark Skawinski

Title: Project Manager, Interiors

Company Name: SPACES: a CNY company.

What recent project, transaction or accomplishment are you most proud of?

A recent accomplishment I’m proud of was being a leading member in the development and successful submission of an extensive NYC-DDC RFP. The opportunity to be at the forefront of an endeavor of such a caliber had great meaning to me. The initiatives in sustainability and collaboration with professionals aligned in those values made for a unique and engaging experience. As a company with an active ESG team and foundations in environmental and sustainability initiatives, this was an accomplishment for not only myself, but for SPACES as well.

Who was/is your mentor and how did s/he influence/help you in your career?

David Brown has been my mentor and has been influential in the growth of my career. By providing constructive feedback and support on challenging projects, I have found success in honing my professional skills.

Working alongside him within our SPACES team through the construction challenges of the pandemic has further aided the growth of my career.

How do you contribute to your community or your profession?

I find a strong way to contribute to the profession is by providing mentorship to colleagues at early stages of their career as well as collaborating with colleagues. Every person in the industry has had different experiences and unique challenges they have overcome. Sharing this knowledge and providing yourself as a resource is a responsibility, I feel we all share, and one that contributes to the holistic growth of our industry.

What led you to your current profession?

A strong interest in construction and the mechanics of how things function early in life. I had the opportunity in my high school years to have hands on experience in wood working, construction, electronics and drafting in school, and automotive with my father outside of the classroom through his profession. This ultimately paved the way for my college focus in architecture/construction and future in the construction management industry.

Favorite quote:

“Work hard and stay humble.”

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