CNY is committed to the ideals and goals of a sustainable world, beginning with our contributions to the built environment. We strive to achieve an optimum balance between the benefits of green construction, life-cycle costs, and our clients’ financial goals.

With a growing resume of green projects and LEED accredited project managers knowledgeable of the LEED rating system, we collaborate with the project team to help identify cost-effective means, methods, techniques, systems and processes to be used to achieve LEED credits. We also provide expertise in cost premiums and value engineering related to green products, equipment and features consistent with the designated certification plan. Early on in the design process, we help develop strategies for anticipated coordination issues, and potential delay and sequencing conflicts involving long lead time while studying potential cost and schedule impacts of alternative sustainable designs and construction methods. Through the relationships established with green suppliers and consultants, our contributions help ensure the latest sustainable methods and products have been thoroughly considered.

We recognize that sustainable design and construction offer significant benefits to building owners and users alike. While a well-guided design incorporating well considered energy-saving principles and practices can typically achieve Standard LEED certification with minimal cost impact, we believe clients should adopt sustainability and energy-saving strategies even if formal certification goals, such as LEED recognition, are not sought.

During construction we assist our clients’ pursuit of certification by:

  • Establishing a system for collecting and maintaining data and documentation required to demonstrate compliance with each credit including debris removal, material cost, recycled content, environmental criteria, among others.
  • Establishing and completing LEED documentation, typically via LEED OnLine or with discrete project forms created from templates.
  • Ensuring, along with the architect that shop drawings, product samples and other items specified in contract documents are coordinated and so not deviate requirements for the specific credit. No modifications or substitutions are permitted for LEED specific credit without prior written consent of the architect and the client’s certification authority.
  • Coordinating the work with, and participating in, commissioning activities as requested by the designated commissioning agent.

We take pride in our leadership role with the project team, integrating these many activities that comprise a successful sustainable project, fully compliant with the client’s goals, criteria, and expectations for sustainability and certification. Our commitment to sustainability is integral to our business practices and responsibilities and reflective of our corporate values and our standards.