St. Paul’s Work Session On Stabilization

St. Paul’s Work Session On Stabilization

Garden City Life October 3, 2019

St Paul's Cathedral, Garden City, NY

A recent special meeting of the Village of Garden City Board of Trustees included a work session to discuss the contents of the consultants’ report concerning the current condition of the St Paul’s buildings and potential stabilization costs. In attendance were Carlos J. Cardoso, AIA, partner, director of construction administration at Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners, LLP, who gave a short introduction and introduced the following consultants who each gave a short presentation and answered trustees’ questions: Courtney Riley, LEED, AP BD+C, director of land development for VHB; Stephen Szycher, P.E., LEED AP, senior principal with Thornton Tomasetti; Charles Van Winckle, senior associate, Thornton Tomasetti (TT); Michelle Dionisio, associate, Thornton Tomasetti; and Walter P. Beal, project executive with CNY Group.

Thornton Tomasetti provided the building envelope and structural assessment report, which, in part, states “breaches in the building envelope, leading to years of environmental exposure, have allowed water damage to compromise the building structure by causing deterioration of load bearing elements. This event has already resulted in some localized failure of the structure. Ongoing neglect to repair the building envelope will eventually lead to complete failures and compounding structural issues such as collapses, at which point repairs will be much more costly and complicated. TT is recommending addressing envelope failures and compromises immediately to make the building water-tight.”

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