Veteran Contractor Is A City Change Agent

Veteran Contractor Is A City Change Agent

ENR New York July 10, 2017

Complex projects that require a healthy measure of innovation and problem-solving skills are the norm for New York City’s construction management firms. But applying an entrepreneurial approach to tackle those challenges is what Ken Colao, founding principal and president of CNY Group, believes sets his firm apart.

“We encourage our entire staff, particularly our executive and site managers, to be leaders and agents of change,” says Colao, who co-founded CNY Group with his brother, Steve, in 2003. “To do that, you have to truly care about the owner’s interest, and be able to think on your feet and get right in there to help.”

Their approach certainly proved successful in 2016. CNY Group garnered nearly $250 million in revenue, a 48% increase from 2015, with the majority of work distributed evenly across commercial, hospitality and residential sectors.

Formerly a founding partner of York Hunter Cos., a city-based construction management firm, Colao has spent more than 30 years in the industry. The brothers now run a firm of 139 employees.

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