Woolworth renovations are a perfect blend of the past and the future

Woolworth renovations are a perfect blend of the past and the future

New York Post July 11, 2017

The Woolworth Building still has plenty of views of everywhere.

When Larry Silverstein built 30 Park Pl. at the other end of the block, I thought the Woolworth Building conversion sales were toast.

Boy, was I wrong.

If the view isn’t 360 degrees, it’s certainly 355 degrees, from what I observed during a recent tour of the marvelously restored edifice.

Developer Ken Horn, of Alchemy Properties, is true to his company name when it comes to renovating old structures. And the Woolworth Building conversion is a doozy.

It’s what happens when you completely gut and remodel a 105-year-old landmark structure, and the basement wires are a mass of spaghetti.

His office has five people on site, while CNY is running construction 24/7, so Horn can get his Temporary Certificates of Occupancy in November — knock on wood.

History lives within. Blue, white and gilded ceiling panels from Woolworth’s private 42nd floor office have almost all been saved and are being restored or replicated for the residential lobby, which will be at 2 Park Pl.

The building’s unique terra cotta flowers are being replicated and glazed with their original pastel colors by Buffalo-based Boston Valley Terra Cotta. The 3,500 one-foot squares are being replaced at the breathtaking cost of $22 million. Then again, everything about the project is breathtaking.

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