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CNY Group, a premier construction management and development firm based in the iconic Times Square, New York City, has offered unparalleled expertise since 2003. Specializing in transformative large-scale mixed-use developments, sophisticated renovation and reconstruction, and the revitalization of outdated structures, we’re your go-to for bespoke interior finishes and unique specialty projects. Our innovative open-shop approach promotes unmatched collaboration and creativity, making us an NYC construction and development leader. With a rich portfolio that showcases our commitment to excellence and adaptability, CNY Group is dedicated to bringing your vision to life, ensuring every project exceeds expectations.

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Our Philosophy

At CNY, we harness the power of ESG and SDG principles to transform the construction industry and the built environment. We are committed to the ideals and goals of a sustainable world, beginning with our own contributions to the environment.

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CNY is committed to creating a safe, diverse, and inclusive workplace for everyone; regardless of race, gender, age, or sexuality

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We adhere to rigorous guidelines both on and off-site to ensure the safety of all employees and pedestrians.

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Health & Safety

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Our Solutions Based Approach

  • Hands On Principal Involvement –“Skin in the Game”
  • CNY Is Fully Independent And Provides True “Open Shop”
  • Over 90% Of Our Work Is For Owner / Developer
  • “Open Book” Transparency On All Transactions
  • Expert In Living Spaces, Commercial Properties, and Large-Scale Developments
  • Deliver strong Preconstruction Expertise & Solutions
  • Design-Assist And Constructability Analysis
  • Quantitative/Qualitative Pricing Analysis To Support Pricing/Bidding/Award
  • Global Sourcing Capabilities
  • “Systems” Commissioning And Start-up
  • Continuously Looking To Increase Value & Enhance Owner’s Interest
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Executive Team

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Transforming Spaces, Building Futures

ESG SDGs Mission Statement 09.20

At CNY Group, we prioritize ethical and transparent business practices, setting the foundation for our innovative construction solutions that reshape how communities experience their environments. Our projects are designed to enhance work, life, leisure, and healing, fostering sustainable and inclusive spaces for everyone.

Our commitment reaches beyond our projects, aiming to uplift communities, champion sustainability, and promote equality. We are dedicated to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), ensuring our contributions lead to a lasting positive impact on the planet and its people.

Driven by a mission to construct enduring and regenerative environments, CNY Group promotes wellness, equity, and respect across all initiatives. We unite stakeholders under a shared vision of adopting sustainable, efficient, and fair practices through cutting-edge construction techniques.

Our core values influence every action we take. We celebrate diversity, advocate for inclusiveness, and encourage a culture of continuous learning and development. By leveraging science and technology, we champion adaptability and innovation, optimizing our processes for waste reduction and operational efficiency. At CNY Group, we transform visionary ideas into realities, delivering exceptional value that surpasses expectations.