Tammany Hall


  • Extensive restoration to the North and West elevations including new glass, bronze framing, and re-pointing the existing limestone façade
  • Addition of a high performance, fully glazed parametric roof enclosure
  • Extensive structural reconfiguration to accommodate the change in use; design–assist services in achieving efficient and cost-effective solution to adaptive reuse
  • Complicated site logistics on busy Union Square
  • Sophisticated infrastructure backbones to accommodate the technological needs of anticipated hi-tech tenants

Tammany Hall

The repurposing of historic Tammany Hall at 100 East 17th Street, Union Square, into an iconic home to high-end tech tenants. CNY developed and implemented an elaborate plan to raze the building while maintaining the landmark façade. This bracing scheme from the exterior allowed the outer walls to be decoupled from the building behind the façade so the building could be demolished, leaving only the façade standing until new the new structure was built and reanchored to the façade. As a result an additional 20,000 SF of building area was created through this redesign.

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